Writing both professionally and personally I love being able to use the written word to create images in peoples minds and share moments together. 

From short form Instagram captions or 280 character tweets, to blog posts, and articles. 


Topics I have experience writing about are: 


  • Stories from cycling the UK 

  • Sustainability 

  • Sustainable travel and tourism 

  • Women's adventure 

  • Outdoors and adventure sports 

  • Menstruating 

  • Navigating emotional challenges and resilience

You can find out more about my writing and whether we can work together by contacting me at Hello@extraordinaryordinarywomxn.co


Articles about the trip 

Adventure Uncovered:
Cycling the UK to interview older womxn living lives of adventure
Byway Travel:
Cycling the UK: five benefits of travelling by bike

Other Published Posts 


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