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Hey there!!!! 
If you are a purpose driven business in the outdoors I've got a TREAT for you... ​

How would it feel to....

🔥 Understand how social media platforms actually work? 

🔥 Know what to post and how to post it?

🔥 Have systems in place to make creating content & showing up online easier? 

🔥 Know the steps you need to take to grow a community? 

🔥 Have the 4 main social media platforms completely demystified? 

🔥 Feel confident & faff less sharing content that is really you!

In this four week course, we're going to do just that.
Deep diving into what it takes to build a marketing strategy. Breaking down Instagram, TikTok, Linkedin and Facebook and giving you the skills to show up confidently online.

4 week live online training

5 sessions
& session recordings

4 peer support

1 online presence review

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Please believe me when I say I am STOKED to be here!

If you've found yourself on this page you probably already know me :) (HI!) but if not here are some things you'll want to know... 

I've been freelancing in social media since 2019 working with clients such as All The Elements, Another World Adventures, Wild Connections Photography, Running Out Of Time and many more...

Frustrated by the lack of purpose driven & outdoors social media support I started Purposeful Adventure Club in 2021 and since then have helped over 40 people with social media training & 1:1 support. 

And now I'm STOKED to be running my first course specifically with businesses in mind.


"Frankie is a wonderful teacher, she put so much thought and effort into making the content of the course digestible for everyone - no matter your current understanding of social media and marketing. It was so impressive the way that we learnt about so much in such little time." 

Sophie / Queer Climbers London - 6 week course for community groups

If you're looking for an insta hack you're in the wrong place.


We're going to do things a little differently...

  • Everything we cover puts YOU first. Your business doesn't exist without you. There is no point creating a social media plan that burns you out. NO THANK YOU.

  • I'm here to meet you where you ARE. We'll talk about the time commitment you can actually make and the resources you actually have... and support you to build YOUR strategy around you. 

  • There is no RIGHT or WRONG way to do social media. All the advice shared is for you to take & run with or toss out the window. It's more important that you show up in a way that feels AUTHENTIC to you, and this course will be all about following what feels good. 

  • AND we're NOT going to be talking about hacks, get viral quick tricks OR the psychology of how to trick people to buy from you... We're going to guess you're here because you're purpose driven and you want to lead from your purpose.. let's shape something genuine around that instead. 

Sounds better doesn't it?...

"I had an hour of Frankie’s time and I can honestly say it was absolutely invaluable. Frankie was very approachable and enthusiastic whilst still being informative and knowledgeable." 

Hannah / Bird Outdoors - 1:1 call

What's Included? 

This four week course is the perfect intro with all the information you need to level up... without getting overwhelmed. Included in the course is 4 weeks of training including: 

🔥 5 online sessions - join them live with Q'nA or watch the replay. Covering: Planning, Instagram, Facebook, TikTok and Linkedin
PLUS the marketing theory that helps it all make sense.

🔥 4 Peer support workshops with 3 workshops during the course and one accountability session 1 month later to come back together, troubleshoot and celebrate how you're getting on.
🔥 An online presence review - Celebrating the things you are doing well and giving you actionable points to take your social media to the next level.

Starting the 18th July

Tues & Thurs 
7-8.30pm BST

Meeting through zoom

Content sessions recorded

All this for only £270.

BUT WAIT - To celebrate the launch of this n
ew course for ONE TIME only I'm dropping the price to £188!!!! 

Additionally, I'm delighted to offer 4 spaces at a reduced rate of £144 for those who might need them. These are on a first come first serve basis, there are no eligibility criteria but we ask that you only take them if you need them. 


"I didn't have much knowledge of social media beyond my personal use. This amazing course helped ground those big ideas and tailored the course perfectly for our desired outcomes. I learnt so much, gained confidence, and have practicable info to feedback to the rest of our group." 

6 week course for com
munity groups

Still Here?...
Hopefully these FAQ's will answer any questions you still have... but if not you can always reach out to me by email, on Instagram or book in a quick call! 

Who is this course for?

What will the course cover?

What is the time commitment... and what if I miss a session?

What experience level is this course right for?

Do you have any funded spaces?

Who is running this course 

What responsibilities will attendees have during the course?

Is my business... businessy enough?!

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