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Purposeful Adventure Club 2023 Events.

Purposeful Adventure Club is designed for people using the outdoors and adventure to make change. We share social media and marketing tips to help you share your story, promote your work and have a bigger impact. 

Out monthly events are usually 1 hour and 30 minutes. With 40 minutes worth of content, time for QnA and time for general discussion around different marketing topics. You also get to network with the other members of the community and learn about each others work. 

As well as the events listed below in 2023 we're launching new Purposeful Adventure Club members events including co-working sessions, additional speaker events, skill sharing sessions and more.

January 24th | Get 2023 ready - Planning and content to jump into 2023 

February 28th | How to Launch events, adventures & products 

March 29th | Website essentials - The tick list EVERY website needs

April 20th | How to grow on social media - Without being on social media 

May 17th | Getting into Video - essential skills for the future of social media

June 14th | What's new on the Gram - changes, trends and new features and how to use them 

July | We're taking a month off - Catch up on previous recordings, Join us on a time out OR join our 5 week grow on socials challenge

August 16th | Planning - A post summer reset workshop 

September 13th | What is branding? and how does it help us on social media 

October 17th | Staying safe in the wild - how to protect your account & your mental health

November 29th | Getting content ready for the holidays and 2024 

December 13th | The power of storytelling - using social media for stories that make change 

Is there an event you're looking for but don't see? Get in touch! We might have already covered it or we might be able to run it as an additional session. Can't wait to hear from you! 

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