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Helping people with purpose to be heard on social media

Purposeful Adventure Club is a space for people using the outdoors and adventure to make change. We join up for monthly events where I help you to get the social media and marketing support you need to have your message heard.  

What is the Purposeful Adventure Club?

It's a space for people using the outdoors and adventure for change to get the support they need to get their message heard.


I'll be helping you to:

  • Reach more people with your message

  • Create more impactful content

  • Stay consistent with less time and less stress

  • Keep up with trends

  • Follow simple tips to level up with ease.

I help you to gain the social media and marketing knowledge you need through monthly events, and though our support network. 


Monthly Purposeful Adventure Club Events 

These online events are split into 3 sections. We cover a training on a different topic each month, a Q&A so that you can get advice tailored to you and your content, and there is space to chat and network with other members of the community. 

When you subscribe monthly you also get access to our Instagram group chat. We're super supportive and there is no such thing as a silly question, it's a great place to get help and know that other people have the same questions too! I post support and tips in there, as well as trending audios for reels! 

Who is the Purposeful Adventure Club for?

It's for you if you..... 

  • Love the outdoors or adventure

  • Want things to change for the better

  • Think social media could help you get there

It's for people who are: 

  • Planning a purpose driven adventure, 

  • Running an outdoors based purpose driven business, 

  • Building outdoor communities.

Or otherwise using the outdoors and adventure to make a positive change. We know people make change happen in all sorts of ways, whether it's creating communities, picking litter, running a marathon, or strava art.


Whether you are trying to raise awareness of plastic pollution or mental health, encourage people into the outdoors, or share experiences that you think are life changing. The list could go on forever.

Check out some of our current members: Navigation with Harriet, Outside: Our Way, Annie Voigt, Soraya Earth, The Outdoors OTAimee Peirce.

The Purposeful Adventure club is here for the activists, the movers and shakers, the change makers.

But it's also here for you if you're not exactly sure what change you're making. It's here for you if you have a seed of an idea, or if you've just started out. It's here for the people who are just trying to do right for the little bit around them.

It's for you if...

  • There's a purpose you want to shout about

  • And you need social media skills to help you get there.

Can I join for just one event?

Yeahhhhhhh You Can! All our events are available through our monthly subscription or as one off events on EventBrite - Find our current events here. 

What is the Purposeful Adventure Club (13).png

Join the Purposeful Adventure Club 
Price: £10 per month

When I first started offering 1:1's I realised 2 things - not everyone is in a position to financially prioritise their marketing, and almost everyone starts with the same questions. 

I've started the Purposeful Adventure Club to answer both of those. Join together with other purpose driven adventures for an event every month where I give you the skills, tips and tools you need to get ahead on social media. 

Find out about our upcoming events and join us. 


I want to say a big thank you for our phone chat the other night.
In particular, the thing you mentioned about thinking about people's pain points and finding a solution .
And I think this massively helped. I've had an insane response, over 40 bookings. 

Anna Wells - Rocks and Trails

First of all: Can I just have one Frankie bottled up, please?! Because her energy is AMAZING - and there's nothing as energizing and motivating for you to get to work on your social media content than listening to her talks for the Purposeful Adventure Club. From giving you the motivation and tools needed to make your social media profile POP to accountability sessions getting you to actually go through with it: this club has it all. 

Annie @thebotbeyondthebrainz

 I had an hour of Frankie’s time and I can honestly say it was absolutely invaluable. Frankie was very approachable and enthusiastic whilst still being informative and knowledgeable.


Even though my business is very much in the early stages we covered much more ground than I had even contemplated. I left the meeting feeling inspired to get moving with content creation after our brain storming session which produced lots of new avenues to explore.  As well as this we also covered more of the nuts & bolts of content creation which for a relative newbie to the game like myself was fantastic to get some initial pointers!


I would definitely advise anyone in my situation to get in touch - thank you!"

Hannah Robson

3 tips for self filming your next adventure. 

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