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Are you a purpose driven brand, social enterprise or not for profit?

With an impactful message, a soul filled purpose, and a passion for making the world a better place.... 

...But you're not sure how to get that message out there

Or maybe your message isn't getting the traction it deserves... or you've just realised there are better ways you can spend your time and you need a little help.


Using a combination of degree level marketing training, 4 years of industry experience, and a passion for communicating impactful, authentic messages I can help you to develop and implement a successful digital content strategy. 

Alongside theoretical and marketing specific training I also bring a range of practical skills as well as proficiency with software including: Premiere Pro, Adobe Audition, Otter Ai, Canva, Google Workspace, Later, Buffer, Tailwind, Facebook Creator Studio. Also holding a working knowledge of Wordpress, Wix and Square space. 

I can help you to:

  • Develop a cross platform digital marketing strategy

  • Create a content plan to help you deliver impactful content with more efficiency and ease 

  • Implement your social media and marketing strategy 

  • Create content that attracts and engaged audience 

  • Understand your target audience needs and how to best serve them through the content you create and share 

Work with me:

- I'm currently fully booked until March 2023 - 

However, if you are looking for someone sooner please do still get in touch, I may be able to support you, or help you to find someone who is a perfect fit for your team.

Often brands require bespoke packages - if you would like more information about how this might look tailored to your needs you can book in a call with me here

For transparency I also display all my rates and package prices on my website.

Daily Rate - £300
This is for anyone looking for complete support with their social media and content marketing. We can work together to develop and implement a digital content strategy. 1-2 days per week will see you having the fastest impact against your goals. 

1/2 Day Rate - £175
Perfect for smaller businesses, freelancers or social enterprises on a budget. One half day a week can help you to spend less time on your social media whilst seeing impact and growth.

1:1 Consultancy - £75 per hour
In a 1:1 call I can help you to get clear on your social media marketing, sharing my favourite tips to help you create the most impactful content with better efficiency.  Perfect for people looking for a level up or stuck in the "I just don't know what to post" zone.

Reel Creation - £25 per Reel
It's undeniable that right now reels are the key to growth on instagram and potentially hold the future of digital content. With this option we can either work together to storyboard a develop concepts or you can simply send me your footage and I can create reels for you. Giving you access to this growing feature without the stress of reel creation. 

For individuals and adventurers you can find my packages here. 

I've previously worked with: 

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I want to say a big thank you for our phone chat the other night.
In particular, the thing you mentioned about thinking about people's pain points and finding a solution .
I made my "women's week" cuillin poster with this In mind - I specifically addressed that there would be all the time and support people needed, anyone could achieve it, etc.
And I think this massively helped. I've had an insane response, over 40 bookings. Some people even specifically said that they had never thought they might manage it, but that my post had given them the inspiration and confidence. I think that was a lot in your advice.
So thank you!! 

Anna Wells - Rocks and Trails

Frankie is an amazing addition to The Heart Movement Team; she brings passion, creativity, amazing design skills and a huge amount of experience in community building on social media channels. 


She is incredibly organized, takes the initiative and is constantly looking at ways to improve our offerings on social media.


I would not hesitate for one second in recommending her skills!

Ri Ferrier - The Heart Movement CIC

Frankie has transformed our newsletter format and content, making me in particular a lot more focused and organised and saving me LOTS of time! She's got me planned out for the next couple of months (it's difficult to plan much further at the moment) and she creates a range of infographics to support our content.
She has taken control of our Instagram account and has increased our following significantly in just a couple of weeks - she regularly confuses me with Insta Terminology (my fault, not hers), no matter how many times I try to grasp the regram it doesn't go in!
She is energetic, enthusiastic and always positive, a complete pleasure to work with!

Jo Hendrickx- Travel Without Plastic

When working with brands I create bespoke packages to fit your needs.

Support can include:

Developing a Cohesive Content Strategy

Showcasing your products through my own social channels

Creating Content 

Fully Managing your Social Media Marketing

Brand Collaborations

I am also open to collaborating with aligned brands across my social platforms creating content to showcase products or campaigns. 

I've previously created content for brands including:


download (3).png
download (7).png
download (4).png

To discuss collaborations please email me.

For more content tips, adventure planning and social updates

Thanks for submitting!

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