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Are you taking on a human powered challenge?

And raising awareness for a charity or cause? I can help you to use your social media platforms to raise more awareness, share your story, and attract an engaged following who care about your mission. 

I can help you make a bigger impact giving your story the spotlight it deserves.

Just the thought of it can be too much... but the actual doing is another level. Do you ever find yourself with a blank page knowing you "have" to post something, but you've got no idea what it is? 

That's where I can help. 

Social media can feel so overwhelming, there are a million different platforms and it feels as if you have to post on every single one every day. 

My 1:1 content brainstorming calls can help you to: 

Save Time

Create Impactful Content

Attract Your Ideal Audience

Share Your Authentic Story

and go from a blank page to content strategy that helps you achieve your goals 


5 tips to kick start your social media.


I want to say a big thank you for our phone chat the other night.
In particular, the thing you mentioned about thinking about people's pain points and finding a solution .
And I think this massively helped. I've had an insane response, over 40 bookings. 

Anna Wells - Rocks and Trails

Frankie has transformed our newsletter format and content, making me in particular a lot more focused and organised and saving me LOTS of time
She is energetic, enthusiastic and always positive, a complete pleasure to work with!

Jo Hendrickx- Travel Without Plastic

Frankie is an amazing addition to The Heart Movement Team; she brings passion, creativity, amazing design skills and a huge amount of experience in community building on social media channels. 

I would not hesitate for one second in recommending her skills!

Ri Ferrier - The Heart Movement CIC

Need help planning your next adventure or endurance challenge? 

Join us! In the adventure planning series. An online panel where we get adventurers, brands and experts to share their experiences and top tips. You can watch our last panel on Sponsorship


3 tips for self filming your next adventure. 

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