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Pay What You Can

HEYYOOOOOOO! I'm excited for this one. I can't tell you why but it feels completely right. All my teaching, mentoring and coaching services are now fully PWYC. 

For different businesses this means different things. So this is what it means for me. 

It means I don't care what you pay me. 

You know I'm living in a world where money is quite useful to survive so I trust that you aren't going to not pay for something just because. 

And visa versa I'm not going to tell you how much something is worth to you. Or that you shouldn't have it because of your life circumstances.

All my products now have a minimum price (Usually £1) and how much I've previously charged (for transparency) You are welcome to pay less, more, that much, a different amount... I don't care I'm not checking. 

Here they all are below on one handy page. Easy for you, easy for me.

Here's to running businesses the way we'd like the world to work.

FAQ's - So how much should I pay? 

FAQ's - how do I know what I can afford? 

FAQ's - do I qualify for a cheaper rate?

FAQ's - Can I donate to your work? 

FAQ's - Do you do Payment In Kind work?

Coaching Calls

A series of 6 coaching calls - Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah 


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