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Hi My Name's Frankie! 

I support individuals, adventurers and purpose driven businesses with their content creation and social media strategy. Helping to give people the support they need to have their cause heard.


Who I work with:


Are you looking to grow a social platform but not sure where to start? 


Planning an adventure, trip or expedition and want to know how to leverage your platform?


Find our how I could boost your content strategy, or find out more about working with me.


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I want to say a big thank you for our phone chat the other night.
In particular, the thing you mentioned about thinking about people's pain points and finding a solution .
I made my "women's week" cuillin poster with this In mind - I specifically addressed that there would be all the time and support people needed, anyone could achieve it, etc.
And I think this massively helped. I've had an insane response, over 40 bookings. Some people even specifically said that they had never thought they might manage it, but that my post had given them the inspiration and confidence. I think that was a lot in your advice.
So thank you!! 

Anna Wells - Rocks and Trails

Frankie is an amazing addition to The Heart Movement Team; she brings passion, creativity, amazing design skills and a huge amount of experience in community building on social media channels. 


She is incredibly organized, takes the initiative and is constantly looking at ways to improve our offerings on social media.


I would not hesitate for one second in recommending her skills!

Ri Ferrier - The Heart Movement CIC

Frankie has transformed our newsletter format and content, making me in particular a lot more focused and organised and saving me LOTS of time! She's got me planned out for the next couple of months (it's difficult to plan much further at the moment) and she creates a range of infographics to support our content.
She has taken control of our Instagram account and has increased our following significantly in just a couple of weeks - she regularly confuses me with Insta Terminology (my fault, not hers), no matter how many times I try to grasp the regram it doesn't go in!
She is energetic, enthusiastic and always positive, a complete pleasure to work with!

Jo Hendrickx- Travel Without Plastic

I've been working freelance in marketing since graduating from the University of Surrey in 2019. Supporting people to develop their content strategies and share their message with a confident and authentic voice.

Creating content that attracts the people who care about your message.  

Lets get Reel. 5 tips for reels and tiktoks


About Me:

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