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5 Tips to get started with Reels, Shorts and TikTok.

Updated: Aug 17, 2021

It seems like people are having different reactions to the introduction of reels. Some people are enjoying testing the water, video pro's are pleased as punch, and some of us have absolutely no idea where to start.

If that's you read on and you might just find that it's a little easier than you think.

Tip One - Get used to filming everything

The easiest way to make a reel is to piece together a few different video clips in the same way you might share photos in a carousel. It's easy todo, as long as you have plenty of short video clips to put together. My advice is to take a short video clip every time you would usually take a photo. If you're out on a walk, cycle, hike or trip try to stop little and often, linking filming to snack breaks or other regular habits is a great way to not forget.

Tip Two - Whatever you can write in a caption you can show in a video

It seems that a big barrier to people posting using reels is just not knowing what to post. If you are already regularly posting content then believe me, whatever you would usually write in the caption, or try to show through the photo you can show in a reel. Some great examples of this are people showing their training routines, trip prep, and logistics by showing videos of what they are actually doing. Remember the easiest way to make content for social media is to document rather than to create.

Tip Three - You don't have to dance.

Unless you want to! And if you do I am all here for it!

But if you don't want to that's okay too! I don't think there is anything worse than someone forcing themselves to do something they hate on camera, and it's no fun for the person doing it either.

Instead you could:

  • Capture footage of whatever you are up to

  • Share what you want to say directly to the camera

  • Show something: like different clothes, gear or locations with clever editing such as jumping in/out of shot

Pay attention to the reels you watch and like, see which ones you can use as inspiration for your own content.

Tip Four - Don't try to be perfect

Just get started. Right now if you'd like to. Even if you don't have much video footage yet. Even if you can't think of what to make it about. Even if there are a million other reasons not to. The great thing about reels is that they don't have to be perfect and polished. Even the fact that they are portrait orientation, meaning that they are easy to film on a phone, shows that they are designed to be filmed and put together on the go. You'll be surprised that sometimes the videos you spend less time over are the ones that do the best. Give it a go and find out what works for you.

Tip Five - Remember to use #'s and use the add music feature

Reels, and Tiktok are both growing right now. The apps want you to use them and the engagement and reach that you can get through posting these short videos can be really surprising. When you post remember to use relevant #'s within the caption. It will help people to see your posts and is particularly important for #'s that people might search for allowing your video to show on the search page.

People can also watch videos based on which song has been used. Adding music or audio in your Reel can help you to be found in this way. There are trending songs where people tend to share their own take on a similar video, which can be great fun, but even just adding some music to any video you make can make a difference.

I hope you've found these tips helpful! Let me know if there is anything you'd add, and please share it with a friend who you think might need the tips too.

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